Shawn Kemp Reigns Photo Ops

If you’re at a trendy little bar in Seattle with your friends and you want to take some classy pictures, you will probably want to ask Shawn Kemp to stay out of the photos, or at least want to ask him to take them for you instead of joining in.   Otherwise, it could get awkward.

One thing is for sure, though, Shawn Kemp is not shy.  It didn’t take a dozen or so illegitimate children for the world to figure that one out.  These young looking kids, who couldn’t have been in their teens during Kemp’s time in the NBA, weren’t shy in approaching Kemp, either.  Apparently, they all shared some drinks, conversation, and then the youngsters grabbed these drunken shots with the “Reign Man” to top it all off.

A couple brief observations about the photos.  1) That might be the all-time worst, most dinosaur looking, middle finger I’ve ever seen.  2) It’s not cool to wear jeans with a suit jacket and tie.  And the main takeaway from all this, is that it seems Kemp is good with kids… and who knows?  These very well could be his.   Wait, Dad?



Shawn Kemp

[H/T Bar Stool Sports]

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