Victoria Salmon Kings Score Goal of The Year (Video)

Victoria Salmon Kings Goal Of The YearI’m a sucker for some good puck handling skills and it’s on display to the max in this ECHL highlight.  Dirk Southern (awesome name), Scott Howes, and Adam Taylor combined their stick skills for one of the best goals you’ll ever see on highlight reels for years to come.

The three players from the Victoria Salmon Kings work together to poke the puck around and through legs before finally setting up an easy one-timer, virtually empty net goal, leaving the opponents dizzy and discombobulated.  The short play took about nine passes in all (including the passes to themselves) and four between the legs.

If you’re a fan of  the game show The Price is Right, this might eerily remind you of the classic game of Plinko.  If you’re prone to getting sick at sea, on roller coasters, or at tennis matches you probably shouldn’t watch this this highlight.  Don’t watch if you’re pregnant, either.  It will make you pass out.

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