Patrice Cormier’s Dirty Elbow Sends Player into Convulsions

Patrice Cormiers Dirty Elbow Sends Player into ConvulsionsAt first glance of this video, the hit Patrice Cormier lays on an opponent, Mikael Tam, doesn’t appear all that serious.  It looks as if he simply clips him as the two cross paths.  That wasn’t the case, though.  Patrice Cormier left his team’s bench in a full head of steam for Tam and instead of checking him, he throws out some more than welcome, gratuitous elbow straight to Tam’s chin.

Tam immediately fell to the ice and started convulsing.  It’s disturbing to see and the medics quickly get Tam on a stretcher and race him off the ice.  The Canadian Press reported that he possibly suffered a broken jaw and had some brain trauma.  When Patrick Roy files a complaint with Quebec Provincial police, you know the hit wasn’t clean.

Cormier has been in the news in the past because of his dirty play.  Cormier put an elbow to an opponent’s face when he was playing for Canada’s world junior hockey team, of which he is the captain.

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