Pavel Datsyuk Pulls A Linus Omark During Shootouts (Video)

Pavel Datsyuk Pulls A Linus Omark During Shootouts

In baseball when the hitter is sitting on a fastball, as a pitcher, you throw him a change up.  The hitter will be so far out in front that the pitcher’s change will slip past the bat of the hitter and, often times, make him look silly.  I had never really seen that concept translate to hockey.  Until I saw Pavel Datsyuk’s goal against the Chicago Blackhawks in a shootout.

Pavel Datsyuk is known for his quick, flashy stick work and his blazing fast shootout moves that can leave goalies cross-eyes and seeing stars floating around their head.  If you don’t sniff out Datsyuk’s move before he makes it, you’ll miss it nine times out of ten.  Goalies know this, but so does Datsyuk.

So when Datsyuk faced the Blackhawks netminder, Antti Niemi, on Sunday he pulled the ol’ change up out of his bag of shootout tricks.  And man, was it glorious.  Datsyuk shouldn’t get all the credit in the world, though, just because it was the first I had seen such a move.  This move was done less than a year ago in a game in Sweden.

And if you don’t remember Linus Omark’s amazing shootout goal, take a look.

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