Old Man Gets Struck with Hockey Puck at Capitals Game (Pics)

Attending a baseball game or a hockey game can be pretty dangerous sometimes.  At baseball games there’s always the risk of baseballs hit into the crowd at triple digit speed, catching a fan off guard.  Similarly, in hockey there’s always the chance of a puck making its way over the boards and into the crowd.    Hockey in recent years has put up netting behind each goal to help protect the fans from scorching slap shots that stray, but there remains to be netting over the side boards.

So when there’s no netting, a puck is traveling over 100 miles per hour over the boards, and you’re on the older side, with regressing reflexes, you’re not in a very safe place.  This ol’ man pictured knows exactly how dangerous it can be.

At a recent Capitals game he was struck in the side of the head with a flying puck, creating a serious gash near his temple.   After being tended to for a few minutes, he was able to get up and walk off under his own strength, with a little help from his friends.

For having just been rocked with a puck, this man looks to be in great spirits –just look at that grin.  What a trooper! And still more handsome than Alex Ovechkin.

Old Man Gets Struck with Hockey Puck

Old Man Gets Struck with Hockey Puck

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