Tennis Ball Boy Pees Himself during Australian Open

Tennis Ball Boy

Tournament Official:  Well done, you made it there and back in pretty good time.  You’re not opposed to kneeling for a long period of time, are you? Points in tennis can last a decent amount of time.

Potential Ball Boy: (out of breath) No, sir.

Potential Ball Boy’s Mother:  He’s never had a broken bone in his body.  He’s healthy and full of endurance, that boy!

Tournament Official:  Very well.  Last question, son.  Do you have a potty problem?

Mother:  I beg your pardon!? I find that to be highly irrelevant.  Don’t answer that, son.

Tournament Official:  It’s standard now to ask whether or not the ball boys can hold their bowels because it delays the match significantly if they can’t.

And that’s a true story (peeing your pants delays a match, not this interview process). A first round match between American Donald Young and Belgian Christophe Rochus was delayed 40 minutes on Tuesday because a ball boy tinkled himself and the court.

Officials had to throw sawdust down over it and use a blower to dry the court.  When play resumed nearly an hour later, the boy’s pride was most likely gone to shambles and I’m sure he’s now made future try outs for ball boys awkward as can be.  One thing’s for sure, his urine was not the secret to making his job any easier.

Poor kid, but peeing your pants on the job like that is not cool.  If it’s cool, then consider me Miles Davis.

[H/T Yahoo! Sports]

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