Math Fail: $2 Golf Ball Not Worth Your Arm

Alligator Eats Golfers ArmSome folks will do anything to regain possession of that lost golf ball. For some hackers this is an endless task. They hit it in the drink, fish it out and…hit it right back into another lake on the next hole.

Golf ball retrieving isn’t always a bad idea. It can be fun. I think some old men I see on the course actually prefer the golf ball hunt than the actual game itself. Kids routinely sneak onto golf courses to snag lost balls and then sell them from their course-adjacent backyards.

But let us here at TPS offer up a tip: if the course you’re playing happens to have alligators, it’s probably best to dig into your bag for another ball and let the water ball sit in its new home. If you don’t, you could end up like this:

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