The Stat Line of the Night – 1/20/10 – Carlos Boozer

Carlos BoozerNot too many teams have gone into San Antonio and handed the Spurs a loss on their home floor. Especially teams like the Jazz, who entered the game with a 7-12 road record. But tonight Carlos Boozer came out to play and he was too much for the Spurs too handle.

Boozer lead all players in points, rebounds and blocks. If that isn’t dominating the game I don’t know what it is. Boozer hit 12 of his 17 shots and also 7 of 8 free throws, finishing with 31 points. He also hauled in 13 rebounds and had 3 blocked shots, and also added 2 assists and a steal.

It was the fourth time the Jazz have defeated the Spurs this season and the second time they’ve handed them a loss in San Antonio. This one was a back and forth affair, with Boozer and the Jazz pulling out a 105-98 win. It was their 5th win in 6 games. They have also reclaimed the 8th seed in the West for right now.

For going into a tough place to play, shooting over 70% from the field and being the game’s leading scorer, rebounder and shot blocker, Carlos Boozer has The Statline of the Night for 1/20/10.

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