9-Year Olds Partake in Bench Clearing Brawl in Russia (Video)

9-Year Olds Partake in Bench Clearing Brawl in RussiaThis. is. not. good.

Just a couple weeks after a massive brawl set the record for most penalty minutes in the KHL, a bunch of 10-year old Russian hockey players break out into a similar looking fight, making people who argue hockey is too dangerous for our youth actually seem somewhat smart.

It’s heart-wrenching to see the tiny tots fighting each other with such passion as you hear some faint screams of horror from a few parents and other parents running onto the ice trying to pull their children away from it all.   I’m somewhat disturbed we didn’t see more attempts to stop it.  I don’t think there’s anything right about 9 or 10-year olds fighting at this scale.

I guess the one positive in this all is that the children don’t appear to use anything but their fisticuffs.  If you are going to fight like a man, then fight like a man.  No hair pulling, scratching, biting, or even worse, the use of a stick or skate.  I’m all for fighting in hockey, but I don’t endorse this.

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