‘Big Baby’ Davis Fined for Yelling Obscenity at Fan (Video)

Glen DavisGlen Davis lived up to his moniker “Big Baby” on Wednesday night in Boston’s game against the Detroit Pistons at The Palace of Auburn Hills.  Throughout the course of the game a Detroit fan berated him with insults, mostly ‘fat boy’ and ‘chubs,’ and finally it got to Big Baby’s big ol’ rabbit ears and caused him to retort back in a manner much worse than the seemingly innocent shove he gave a kid during last year’s playoffs.

During a down moment in the game, after a Big Baby screen hurt Chucky Atkins’ sternum, the relentless fan let Big Baby know he was, well, rather big.  Big Baby took exception at this time and let the fan know what he’d rather have him do orally.  Unfortunately for Big Baby, it was like yelling a really embarrassing thing at a party right as the music cuts out.  You can hear it clear as day in the video below.

As a result of Big Baby’s immaturity and playing down to the level of this fan, he was fined by the NBA $25,000.

In fairness to Big Baby, the fan is no better than he is in all of this.  Not only was he yelling stupid stuff at Big Baby all game, much to the dismay of the people around him I’m sure, he’s now trying to act like Big Baby’s comments offended him in some way and filing a complaint.  What a joke.

[H/T Deadspin & Boston.com]

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