Hilarious Shake Weight for Women Commercial (Video)

Hilarious Shake Weight for Women CommercialNothing like a classic commercial with one enormous double entendre.  The shake weight commercials are about as obvious as a hunky looking guy delivering a pizza to a scandalously clad woman.

The commercial comes right around the same time as the shake weight for men.  The premise of the commercial is basically just as it sounds: it’s a dumbbell looking weight, of which the handle allows you to slide up and down in the same fashion you’d shake a powdered protein drink to mix.  The motion and the weight are supposed to help tone forearms, biceps, triceps, etc.

Each commercial is funny in and of itself, but it’s much funnier when an innocent woman looks  like she’s endorsing aggressive hand jobs.  Yeah, the male commercial is funny, too, but not nearly as gold as the woman version.

“Completely new work out technology called dynamic inertia”?  No… that’s not new, people.  The two-handed handy has been around for years.  This is more like a work out to make women better at them because all men know that usually a handy doesn’t do the trick.  Now, thanks to the shake weight for women, it just might.

Here is the men’s version

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