Hockey’s Top 10 Most Creative Shootout Goals (Video)

Hockeys Top 10 Most Creative Shootout GoalsThere’s a huge debate about whether or not the NHL should nix the shootout in favor of ties or more sudden death overtimes because it takes away from the game.   Those against the shootout contend that it rewards teams who have players with good one-on-one moves, not necessarily the better teams, with an extra point, taking away wins (and a point) from the teams who may have otherwise won had their been more overtimes.  Ultimately, from what I’ve heard argued by die-hard hockey fans, is that the game should go on until someone wins in however many overtimes it takes or have it end in a tie after one and each team gets their point in the respective OT column of the standings.

It’s all dubious, of course, but I don’t think any legitimate hockey fan can deny the entertainment value in having a shootout.  And for a sport that’s in desperate need of some positive publicity with the larger media outlets (I’m looking at you, ESPN) and most importantly fans, the shootout could wind up being the be the panacea.

I consider myself a die-hard hockey fan and I’ll admit, I’ve cheered for a shootout over my team winning the extra point in the five minute overtime period.  Shootouts embody great hockey theater and I don’t think I’ve ever been sorely disappointed by a game that’s ended in a shootout.

Have a look at a compilation of the top 10 shootout goals in hockey and you try to tell me otherwise.

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