Tortorella vs. Larry Brooks after Carcillo Fights Gaborik (Video)

Tortorella vs. Larry BrooksJohn Tortorella, coach of the New York Rangers, has a long history of funny interviews dating back to his coaching days with the Tampa Bay Lightning, who he led to a Stanley Cup Championship in 2004.   His interviews are a can’t miss event because he tells it like it is and if he doesn’t like you, the stupid reporter, then he’s going to let you know straight-up.

Meet Larry Brooks, a creepy looking NY Post reporter who has a history with Tortorella for wasting his time and asking only the questions that will get a coach in trouble.

After the Rangers had an intense game with the Flyers, in which Daniel Carcillo pounded Rangers’ Marian Gaborik in a fight, Brooks inquired as to why none of the Rangers teammates defended Gaborik, who is typically not a fighter.  Tortorella dodged the question by saying he wouldn’t take anymore questions from Brooks,  reasoning it by alluding to a sarcastic article he wrote the day before.  Brooks claims it was funny, but nobody, especially Tortorella, was buying it.

It gets better when Tortorella loosely implies that he wants to fight Brooks.   Have a looks at Brooks, he looks terrified given how close he is to the coach.  It’s awesome to see a reporter like that squirm.

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