The Stat Line of the Night – 1/24/10 – Peyton Manning

Peyton ManningThe NFL playoffs have been mostly pretty boring.  Marked by blowouts and too many commercials, everyone was hoping this weekend’s conference championships would be different, and they came through.  No one came through quite as much as Peyton Manning though.  He now takes his Colts to another Super Bowl after leading his team to a 30-17 victory over the upstart New York Jets.

Manning won the MVP of the NFL this season, but clearly his job is not done.  He would be the first to tell you that regular season success is important, but it doesn’t compare to performing on the biggest stage in football, the NFL Playoffs.  Manning went 26/39 for 337 yards and 3 touchdowns.  He also didn’t throw any picks and had a quarterback rating of 123.6.  Manning had help from two young receivers, as his main target Reggie Wayne was locked down by Darrelle Revis.  Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie both had over 120 yards and 1 touchdown receiving.

Now the Colts look forward to the Super Bowl in two weeks, where they will bring their high-flying offense to face another great quarterback and powerful offense, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints defense is notorious for causing turnovers, and Peyton Manning will have his hands full.  If he puts on another performance like yesterday, they have a great shot to win the Super Bowl.  For now, he has earned “The Stat Line of the Night”.

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