Filipe Scores, Breaks Leg In The Process

Filipe Scores, Breaks Leg In The ProcessIt is hard enough to score a goal in the game of soccer, but when one sacrifices his body just to put his team on the board, the praise, and pain, may never be greater.

That was the case Sunday afternoon when Deportivo La Coruna took on Athletic Bilbao in Spanish League action.  With the two teams tied at 0-0, Deportivo defender Filipe raced down the left wing, setting up a good scoring chance for his club.  A few passes later and he would find himself on the finishing end of the games first goal.  Unfortunately it came at a rather high price; his right ankle.

As he went to volley in a high headed cross with his left foot, the Athletic Bilbao keeper got under him, forcing Filipe to roll over his right foot, snapping it in a rather gruesome manner.

With the dangers of people consistently sliding at one’s ankles and feet all game, such unpleasant sights are nothing new to the game of football.  But unlike Oupa Ngubule and Marcin Wasilewski, who had previously suffered similar agony, Filipe was able to cheer about something when it was all said and done.  The sad part is he will likely be doing so from a hospital bed.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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