Red Wings Fans Climb The Rafters Looking For A Better View

Red Wings Fans Climb The Rafters Looking For A Better ViewWhen it comes to live sporting events, it seems as though fans will do just about anything in order to give themselves the best view possible.  On Saturday night at Joe Louis Arena, one fan took that approach to new heights, literally!

With the Detroit Red Wings up by a score of 2-1 going into the third period of their game against the visiting Los Angeles Kings, three fans figured it may be a good idea to capture a bird’s eye view of the final frame, but much to their dismay, the fifth floor and above at the Joe is restricted to only certain members of the arena staff.  Two of the individuals were captured on the catwalk, but the third was able to reach a conduit one level higher.  That was where cameras spotted arena personnel attempting to bring him down so that the game could resume.

Spectators seated in section 124 of the arena were forced to evacuate their seats in case tragedy struck and the man fell from above.  As for the commentators, they figured it would be comical to point out that should he fall onto the ice, the Red Wings may very well be assessed a too-many men on the ice penalty.  To that I say, “not bloody likely.”

After a short delay, the game continued and the third individual would eventually be brought down from the conduit and arrested, along with the other individuals captured earlier.  As for the rest of the fans in attendance, their free show may not have included the type of acrobatics displayed by Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans, but the added height of this performance easily made up for that.

Hat Tip – [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

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