The Worst Phantom Soccer Goal Ever (Video)

The Worst Phantom Soccer Goal EverWhen Thierry Henry set up the famous hand ball goal that would send France into this summer’s World Cup in South Africa, people from around the globe were up in arms, voicing their anger at what they felt was an embarrassing act of cheating and a terrible call by the referees.

Well at least with that goal, the ball actually ended up in the net.

When MSV Duisberg took on FSV Frankfurt in Bundesliga action, the stakes may not have been as high, but the officiating on the field was an even greater disappointment.

With Duisberg already up 4-0, the last thing they needed was another goal, but the ref was more than willing to hand them one anyways.  After the Frankfurt keeper gave the ball away, Duisberg’s Christian Tiffert found himself with an opportunity to make it 5-0, but his shot from just outside the box managed to clip the top crossbar and land one meter IN FRONT of the goal line.  However, the officials on the field must have felt that the ball had landed one meter BEHIND the line, and called it a goal.

Thankfully the result of the game was no longer in question, with Duisberg holding a commanding lead and only 10 minutes remaining, but blowing a call that anyone in the stadium could clearly make?  That is nothing short of unacceptable.  And for the biggest shame of it all, that can be found in the fact that while some players, like Deportivo’s Filipe, must make great sacrifices in order to score, others are handed undeserving goals which are the result of poor judgment by those officiating the game.

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