Utah High Schooler Scores Unreal Hockey Goal (Video)

Utah High Schooler Scores Unreal Hockey GoalWhen it comes to breakaway goals in hockey, it can be hard to match some of the magnificence displayed by the NHL’s finest.  However, that did not stop Murray High’s Cameron Wilson from doing his best to surpass such standards, and needless to say, his attempt was a successful one.

This amateur footage shows Wilson taking the puck at his own blue line, putting a move on a Skyline High defender, and roofing the puck top-shelf into the far corner of the net.  While this may sound like your typical hockey goal, what we have yet to mention is the fact that the finishing touch from Wilson came while he was sliding on his ass.

It can be difficult to see, but after the last defender trips him up, Cameron still manages to handle the puck, pull it back, and snap it upstairs over the goaltender’s shoulder.  Just for good measures, you may want to watch this one a couple of times.

Hat Tip Video – [Puck Daddy]

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