Dubai Marathon Winner Pukes as Crosses Finish Line (picture)

Caveat: These pictures are not for the faint of heart.  As you can see it’s a lady crossing the finish line (first, no less) of a marathon (the Dubai Marathon) and puking at the same time.  Oddly enough, for as unhealthily frail as she looks, the puke looks like it has some chunks in it as opposed to the straight-up bile you’d expect from someone training for a marathon — someone doing nothing but running and drinking gatorade.

I never knew this, but apparently there’s a rule that if you puke during a marathon you are automatically disqualified.  The debate then was did this lady cross the finish line before puking?  It doesn’t appear so, but supposedly the rule is the puke has to hit the ground first and officials of the marathon are saying that she crossed the line completely before her puke hit the ground.   Oh, lucky her.

I would have personally protested if they disqualified her for this and didn’t give this lady her first place ribbon.  You’re disqualified if you puke before finishing the race?  That’s absurd.  If someone feels like they have to puke and they have the gonads to finish the race still, then more power to them.  All the “once it hits the ground” rule is doing is encouraging runners to puke into their shirts so they don’t get disqualified.  That’s not only unhealthy, but just gross.  And two wrongs don’t make a right.

I’m happy this woman got her celebratory puke in and got to keep her ribbon.  Kudos.

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