Greg Oden Wants to Give You the Short Version of the Story

Yes, everybody loves them some funny t-shirts — even Greg Oden of the Portland Trail Blazers.   Here’s a photo of Oden donning a “Long Story Short, I F*cked her” t-shirt, apparently taken on New Year’s Eve.   The photo was discovered on Facebook.

Oden, just 22-years old now, is quickly becoming a fan-favorite amongst fans because of his somewhat quirky personality.  Even though he looks like a 45-year old, scary mo fo, there’s actually a lovable bear inside that outer shell who apparently has one hell of a sense of humor, even though he’s out for the season again with a knee injury.

I have a few questions about the picture.  1) Does this pretty lady in the tube top take the picture with Oden because he’s Greg Oden, because he’s wearing a funny shirt, or both? 2) Did she f*ck him?  3)  If she didn’t f*ck him, then who did Greg Oden f*ck?

My guess?  And this is just a shot in the dark, but I think she didn’t notice the t-shirt and merely saw it was Greg Oden.  She took the picture with him so she could brag to all her friends that she’s in a photo with Greg Oden, an NBA player for her hometown team.  Here’s the rub.  She’s also a church going girl who wears a celibacy ring, and she’s the daughter of a very angry father.  Her reputation in Portland as being the pure girl is completely ruined.  The End.

What? Not true? Okay…

Greg Oden Has An Amazing T-Shirt

Hat Tip Image – [TheBigLead]

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