Ronaldo Receives Red Card for Elbow to Defender’s Face

Ronaldo Receives Red CardI’m going to say this right up front — I’m not a big soccer fan.  I think it can be fun to watch sometimes, but the amount of diving that takes place just sickens me to the point where I’d almost rather watch a WNBA game.

Do not get me wrong, though.  I think soccer players are tremendous athletes, who are in way better shape than I’ve ever been in, and the amount of skill it takes to be good at the sport is incredible.  However, I still won’t follow it like I do other sports because I can’t stand to watch some of these amazingly fine tuned athletes dive like sissy girls.  And don’t tell me it doesn’t happen that often.

Of course, there is always some legit rough housing.  Take what happens in this video for instance.  Ronaldo is making a play for the ball against a defender and flails his arms out, almost purposely, and nails him in the face with his elbow.  That’s a legit shot that would make anybody quickly go to his face with his hands in pain.

But this gets me back to why I dislike soccer, too.  Instead of staying on his feet and maybe hunching over at the waist as he holds his face, he crumbles to the turf as if he was just sniped from the bleachers.  I understand it makes it look worse and helped get Ronaldo a red card, but where is the pride in that?

Don’t even get me started on Ronaldo’s actions — drops to his knees and looks to the sky as if asking, “why me, God? Why me?”    For as great of athletes as soccer players are, they might be better actors for the drama.

Oh, and one more thing: sweet rat tail, Ronaldo.

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