The Stat Line of the Night – 1/26/10 – Devan Downey

Devan DowneyHe’s not a household name…yet.  But this little-known SEC star has been doing it all season long.  It just so happens that last night he did it in front of a national audience on ESPN.  Devan Downey, the 5’9″ guard for the South Carolina Gamecocks led his team to a 68-62 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats.  Everyone always thinks John Wall will be the story in any game that Kentucky plays, but on this night he was barely a sideshow.  In fact, he had some key turnovers down the stretch.

Devan Downey, on the other hand, hit big shot after big shot down the stretch.  He only shot 9-28 from the field, but he scored 30 points and sank 10-11 free throws.  He also stole the ball twice and hit 2 three pointers.  With a little help from a few of his teammates, Brandis Raley-Ross had 14 points, Downey weaved in and out of traffic to run the offense.  He was double and even triple teamed at times throughout the night

Downey averages 21.9 points a game and leads the SEC in scoring.  All that might as well be for naught, however, since no one really sees it.  Last night changed all that and if Downey can play this well consistently, the Gamecocks have a chance to make the tournament and Devan has a chance to become a household name.  In the meantime, he’ll have to settle for “The Stat Line of the Night”.

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