Losing Isn’t So Bad When You Are The New York Jets

Losing Isn't So Bad When You Are The New York JetsThe mood in the New York Jets locker room on Sunday after their AFC Championship Game loss to the Indianapolis Colts was likely a depressing one, but now they have just the reasons to cheer up.


I guess losing in New York isn’t all that bad these days as players of the Jets were offered free lap dances from the lovely ladies at Rick’s Cabaret.  Whether they took Rick’s women up on their offer remains unknown.

I am willing to bet that it is not the first time Mark Sanchez has been offered a free lap dance.  After all, in the city of New York it seems like women will do just about anything to get on the lap of one of their starting quarterbacks, including marrying them.

Hat Tip – [Sports Crackle Pop]

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