Stars Mark Fistric Throws A Helmet-Punch During Fight (Video)

Stars Mark Fistric Throws A Helmet-Punch During FightHelmets in hockey play an important role in protecting the heads of players.  So what happens when it is the helmet itself that is being used to cause damage to a players cranium?  I guess that is for the NHL’s principal disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, to decide.

During last night’s game between the Calgary Flames and the Dallas Stars, tempers flared midway through the first period when Mark Fistric delivered a hard clean check on Flames’ forward Eric Nystrom in the neutral zone.  Moments later, once the whistle blew to end the play, Nystrom approached Fistric, looking to throw some fists, and the Dallas Stars’ defenseman quickly obliged.

However, unlike other well known combatants around the NHL, such as John Scott and Daniel Carcillo, Fistric does not have much experience fighting, and therefore may have been looking for an equalizer.  He found it in Nystrom’s helmet, which he forgot to drop after tearing it from his head.  After throwing one  right, bucket in hand, Fistric dropped the helmet and took his opponent to the ground.

It is tough to say whether Fistric intended on using Nystrom’s helmet as weapon, as sometimes such thoughts may slip a player’s mind in the heat of the battle.  However, he was assessed a 5 minute major for fighting and a match penalty for using the helmet.  Now it is up to Campbell to decide whether Fistric will be in the Stars lineup for Friday’s game against the Avs.

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