Some Bad Luck Results In Nasty Supercross Crash (Video)

Some Bad Luck Results In Nasty Supercross CrashWith several riders speeding around a dirt track at high speeds, looking to take advantage of every possible millisecond they can, it is amazing that we do not bear witness to more crashes during these AMA Supercross events.

However, when disaster does strike, it can be quite the frightening incident.  Take last Saturday’s 2010 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series event in Anaheim, for example.  It was there that Rockstar Energy/Canidae Suzuki team rider Ryan Morais was on the receiving end of a rather unlucky situation when fellow rider Phil Nicoletti went airborne and landed on Morais’ seat, causing him and his bike to somersault backwards and land awkwardly on the dirt.

The crash looked rather serious, but fortunately Morais did not suffer any significant injuries or broken bones.  He will however be sitting out this upcoming weekend’s race in San Francisco, but is expected to return a week later in San Diego.

Although Morais was unlucky to have Nicoletti land on his seat, he should consider checking his ass for horseshoes.  After all, only a few feet further, and it could have been his head on the receiving end of that front tire.

Hat Tip – [Loyal Reader Matt for sending this in]

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