Goalkeeper “Head Butts” Referee During African Cup (Video)

Goalkeeper Head Butts Referee During African CupNothing gets the ol’ ticker going faster than an intense African Cup of Nations soccer semifinals game between Egypt and Algeria.   Especially one that winds up being a complete wash, a 4-0 win in favor of Egypt.

That doesn’t mean it was completely without some entertainment.  Algeria’s goalkeeper, Faouzi Chaouchi, took exception to a goal scored on him during a penalty kick because Egypt’s player, Hosni Abd Rabou approached the ball, faked like he was going to kick one way — completely throwing Chaouchi off — and then tapped it to the other side for an easy goal.

There are a lot of analogies I could make for how badly Rabou punked Chaouchi — running it up, running along the goal line in american football taunting the other team before finally scoring, having a wide open goal and pausing to wait for the defender to make a last ditch effort that will undoubtedly fail, etc., etc.

Naturally, Chaouchi was infuriated and felt as if the goal should not have been allowed and because it was he automatically felt the ref was out to get his team.  He proceeded to get in the face of the referee and they locked foreheads like they were transferring brain wavelenths.  This was eerily similar to what Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics did to an Orlando Magic (Rashard Lewis?) player on Thursday night.

Chaouchi was rewarded with a yellow card and would later earn himself another one and a early trip to the showers.   Have a looksie.

Hat Tip Video – [DirtyTackle]

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