Hedo Turkoglu Thinks it’s Just The Ball (Video)

Hedo Turkoglu Thinks it's Just The BallWhen Toronto signed Hedo Turkoglu over the summer they were expecting big things.  He was coming off two of his best seasons in the league (roughly 18 points per game) and coming to a Raptors team that needed someone to complement Chris Bosh.  At the very least, Turkoglu was supposed to put up similar numbers as he had the previous couple seasons.  Of course, having other offensive weapons around him was only supposed to help enhance his game.

While Toronto may be satisfied with the season as a whole considering they are in the playoff picture, Turkoglu’s season has been anything but satisfying.  His scoring has dropped off considerably and naturally, he’s been getting frustrated.  Entering Thursday night’s game against the Knicks, he was averaging just 12.6 points per game, his lowest since 2003-2004, and just seven points in the past three games.    There’s a little round something that can help turn that all around.   And that is:


He got the ball and Turkoglu took advantage on Thursday.  He shot 16 times, made eight, and scored his personal season-high 26 points in a winning effort against the Knickerbockers.  Sigh of relief.

Following the game the Raptors sideline reporter interviewed Turk.   He asked Turkoglu what allowed him to set the tone for his game.  Turkoglu’s answer was that one little thing he needed to score:


I have nothing else to say.

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