Johan Hedberg Takes Out Simon Gagne for Hilarious Save

Johan Hedberg Takes Out Simon Gagne for Hilarious SaveThe Atlanta Thrashers are not known for being very good.  And usually when a hockey team isn’t very good, it starts with their goalie.    The Thrashers are getting better, though, (sixth in the Eastern Conference right now), so it’s becoming less and less surprising to see their team in the nightly highlight reels.  Goalie, Johan Hedberg made an appearance on Thursday night.

Holding on to a 4-3 lead in the third period a puck trickled into the Thrashers zone with a Flyers’ skater, Simon Gagne, approaching it fiercely, looking to take advantage of a breakaway on Hedberg.  It’s at this point the goalie has to make a decision to come out and play the puck or sit back and try to make a save.  The good goalies always seem to make the right decisions in these circumstances.

Well, Hedberg decided to go after the puck, and it was the right call probably, but instead of making a play on the puck he made a rather aggressive play on the Flyers’ forward, cutting his legs out from underneath him.   Hedberg’s wiped out, too, lost track of where he was, and the puck nearly went into the net anyway.  It was chaos.   Luckily, the Thrashers were able to clear the zone.  Most importantly, they able to hold on to the slim lead for the win.

Check out this hilarious save.

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