Shaun White Smashes Face during Superpipe Practice (Video)

Shaun White Slam in Superpipe PracticesThe Winter X-Games are going on right now, which can only mean one thing: The Shaun White Show has begun again.  Normally in the snowboarding halfpipe competition, we come to watch White for his spectacular speed, moves, and air.  This is not to say most of America truly appreciates the intricacies of the sport, but pretty much anytime he does anything, it makes you say “Wow”.

The “double mctwist” is no exception to that rule.  There was one minor problem this time, however, when he attempted the move.  Instead of perfectly executing this difficult move, he smashed his head into a block of ice when he was landing it.  Don’t worry though, because it was still spectacular.  Instead of a spectacularly executed move, it was a spectacularly executed fail.  Shaun White is a true warrior though.  He gives new meaning the word “extreme” when he gets right back up from the run and, as the announcers put it, seems more angry than hurt.  I bet gymnasts wouldn’t have as hardcore a reaction.

Now I would be angry if I smashed my head on a block of ice, but I definitely wouldn’t be angry right away.  Like most of you, (maybe not hockey players necessarily, but most of you) I would need a few moments to try not to cry, and then another few months being scared of snowboarding.  Then maybe I’d be mad.  Shaun White is not like you and me though.  He is awesome to watch, even in failure.