Coach Displays Anger By Throwing Ball At Player’s Head (Video)

Coach Displays Anger By Throwing Ball At Player’s HeadThere are plenty of ways that a coach may attempt to get the best out of his players in sports.  They may try kicking soccer balls at your car, forcing you to save each one, or suffer the consequential damages.  Or perhaps they may try a little sideline swearing to fire up the troops.

Then there is Coach Maxwell.

During his team’s match, Eric Maxwell, coach of Southern High School female volleyball team, was upset with what he had witnessed, and responded to a lost point in what he may have felt was the most fitting way possible; by throwing a ball at his player’s face.

It is bad enough that these are teenagers, but females?  Don’t expect Maxwell to be receiving any coach of the year awards anytime soon.  As for a police warrant for child abuse?  That may be just another lost point away.

Hat Tip Video – [DeadSpin]

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