Former WWE Star Bobby Lashley’s MMA Debut A Successful One

lashleyJoining the likes of Brock Lesnar and Lisa Marie Varon, Bobby Lashley became the latest former WWE star to enter the ring in an MMA fight, and needless to say, the transition was a success.

Making his debut at a Strikeforce event in Miami this past Saturday, the monstrous Lashley took on the even larger Wes Sims in a heavyweight bout.  Sims’ name may sound familiar to fans of The Ultimate Fighter reality series as he was a part of the dreadful Team Rampage, which managed to win just a single bout during the entire show.  Sims was defeated in his only fight on the show, and the losing continued Saturday as Lashley put him away just over two minutes into the first round.

MMA fans have been anticipating Lashley’s debut in the sport for quite some time, but it was well worth the wait as he dominated Sim, taking him to the ground and pounding away at his head until the official had no choice but to call the fight, much to the chagrin of Wes and his corner.

Yes, it is only one win, but it is never too early to begin pondering whether Lashley is on the same path to MMA stardom as Lesnar had previously endured.

As for Sims, he may want to consider substituting the showboating and humor for victories in the ring.  Or, on second thought, he may be better off making a transition of his own; from MMA to WWE.

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