Ghana Player Sucks On Pacifier During African Cup Finals Loss

Ghana Player Sucks On Pacifier During African Cup Finals LossDealing with defeat can be tough, especially when it comes in the finals of a tournament as big as the African Cup of Nations.  Thankfully, one of Ghana’s players was prepared well in advance.

During the finals of the African continent’s most prestigious tournament, with the score tied 0-0 between Egypt and Ghana, cameras caught a member of Ghana’s squad sucking on a pacifier as he watched the action from the bench.  Perhaps he knew what the outcome would be, or maybe it was a gift from the coach so that the player in question could not voice an opinion over his lack of playing time.

Whatever the case was, the pacifier turned out to be quite useful as Egypt went on to win the match by a score of 1-0.  It was their third tournament victory in a row.

As for Ghana, they will look to leave their pacifiers at home this summer during the 2010 World Cup of soccer in South Africa.  Slated as one of the top African teams, they will hope that their home-continent advantage will result in celebrations for them, and sorrows for their opponents.

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