12 Year-Old Bullfighter Gored in Ring

12 Year-Old Bullfighter Gored in RingMamas don’t let your babies grow up to be bullfighters. Seems easily recognizable as an unreasonable thing for parents to do, but they roll differently down in Columbia.

Before we get to the video, who lets their kid fight bulls and sends them into the ring with pink socks? Are they intentionally trying to wreck the kids life — or end it? Seriously, the bullfighting I can almost understand. But pink socks? No wonder the bull gores him — twice.

That’s one tough 12-year-old though. Gets nailed by the horns once and goes back into the ring again. And unfortunately gets gored again. He totally should have changed those stupid pink socks. I hate to sound like Peter Griffin here, but this reminds me of that time that young girl smashed her face into the diving board. Or like when that young dirtbike rider ended up crushing his face in an epic faceplant.

For heaven’s sake, kids. Let’s be a little more careful out there, mm-kay?