Italian Skier Wipes Out and Screams in Pain (Video)

Italian Skier Wipes Out and Screams in PainWe are coining a new term here at Total Pro Sports today. It’s called “Ski-reaming”. “Ski-reaming” is when you crash badly while skiing then scream extremely loudly because of the massive pain from the wipe out. Unfortunately for her, Nadia Fanchini is the first example of this new term, demonstrated after she loses balance and flies into one of the slalom flags.

I guess that was the equivalent of a vertical clothesline or flag whiplash. I wonder if that hurt as much as Shaun White smashing his face during superpipe practice for the X Games. Maybe it was. I can tell you without a doubt that it didn’t hurt as much as the golfer who decided that his $2 golf ball was worth trying to get it back from an alligator.

Even so, nobody screams like that for nothing so it must have really hurt. Almost looked like she needed a cup for that crash. That slalom flag went right down the middle!

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