Teen Tasered During High School Basketball Game (Video)

Teen Tasered During High School Basketball GameMarch Madness is right around the corner. Taser Madness? Now we have that, too. It must be a new high school initiative because the tasers were doing some big time zapping recently at a high school basketball game.

When you watch this video you get the feeling that this won’t be the last time you’ll be reading about this. Just from that clip you can see how people might lose their jobs after this debacle. Unless someone was packing heat, was there really a need for all of the harassment, intimidation, yelling, pushing, shoving — and worst of all — tasering? It’s not like a coach whipped a ball at a player’s head or someone head-butted a referee.

Seriously though, we even see a police officer with a dog walking down the hall. That must be some high school rivalry. Maybe they’ll have to add a new column to the stat sheet: times tased per game.

Hat Tip Video – [JerseyChaser]

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