Jamine Peterson Provides Showtime Dunk Against Syracuse

Jamine Peterson Provides Showtime Dunk Against SyracuseAn 85-68 loss is rarely something to be proud of, but for Providence’s Jamine Peterson, there was reason to smile after his team was defeated by #4 ranked Syracuse in NCAA basketball action last night.

So why, you may ask, should Peterson not have to suffer the same level of embarrassment as the rest of his team?  It isn’t everyday that someone comes into the Carrier Dome and gets themselves a number two spot on ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the Night.

His team may have been down by 20 at that point, but Peterson still found himself enough room to dribble through the lane, toss a pass off the backboard to himself, and slam the ball home for two points.  Unfortunately, most people likely stopped watching the game at this point, but we have to dish out props where they are due.  Peterson and the rest of the Fryers could have simply folded, with the game already decided, but they continued to fight hard, and even provided those who remained tuned in with a highlight reel play like this one.

NCAA dunk of the year?  It just might be, as long as you don’t include Will Coleman‘s “kiss dunk.”

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