Kevin Harlan: JaMarcus Russell’s Bling Holding Back His Game

JaMarcus Russell's Bling Holding Back His GameIt is one thing for professional athletes to go around sporting crazy amounts of jewelery, draped around their ears, wrists, and neck.  But when those players are as big of a bust as JaMarcus Russell, there becomes a cause for concern.

That was the message delivered by TNT announcers Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins.  Simply put, Harlan believes that in Russell’s case, “if he spent as much time in the film room as he did in the jewelry store, he’d be a much better quarterback.”  We think Harlan may be on to something here.

Russell was dawning diamonds all over his body, and his fashion display was capped off with a necklace which featured a pendant of himself wearing #2 on his jersey, and the word “Chosen” behind it.  We should probably add that it was covered in diamonds.

“Chosen” indeed.  After all, not just anyone can make the type of salary he does while watching from the bench as quarterbacks like Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye outplay this former first overall pick for the starting job.  Russell may want to consider saving some of that money from his first contract, rather than blowing it all on jewelry.  After all, it looks as though it will likely be the last one he signs.

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