The Vancouver Canucks’ Green Guys Speak

green guysIn case you are not familiar with Sully and The Force, better know as “The Green Guys”, they have been terrorizing Vancouver Canucks opponents throughout the season, providing some added discipline to those taking a trip to the visiting penalty box.

Last week they finally spoke out on Global BC’s Morning News, displaying some remorse for their actions:

“We get to their heads.  I mean, look at David Scatchard.  He took penalties because we were in his head.  He was confused, and as a result of that he got sent down to the farm team.  And, I mean, I feel bad a little bit because it has effected his wife and his kids, but really, it is his fault.”

That display of guilt, however, was retracted only seconds later.  After all, “someone has to do it and they may as well be wearing green suits.”

More on the Green Guys and their motives in this clip.

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