Unlucky Bounce Sinks Skier Into Deep Hole (Video)

Unlucky Bounce Sinks Skier Into Deep HoleCallum Pettit has been labeled by some as a “great up-and-coming talent” in the world of extreme skiing.  Much of that is the result of his fortitude and willingness to take on some of the most daring lines that backcountry skiing has to offer.  However, those same attributes almost vanished him from the face of the earth, literally!

Some members of Callum’s crew provided the details of a crazy ride that began with aspirations of taking on a 60 foot air, and ended 15-feet deep in a giant crevasse.  As for everything in between, it includes a slightly miscalculated trajectory, a violent tomahawk roll, and an untimely left turn.

Put it all together and you get an unbelievable story (with footage) about one of the craziest backcounrty skiing adventures ever.

Hat Tip – [WestWorld]

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