Niklas Kronwall’s Hilarious Skate Break Incident (Video)

Niklas Kronwall’s Hilarious Skate Break IncidentIt can be impressive watching NHL players and the things they can do on two thin skate blades, but what happens when one of those blades is taken out from under them?  Needless to say, it isn’t pretty.

Case in point, Niklas Kronwall’s disastrous one-minute shift on Tuesday night in San Jose.  With the Red Wings already short-handed, Kronwall appeared to lose his right skate blade along the boards (about the :07 mark), making the next 30 seconds nerve-racking for the rest of his team, and interesting for everyone else watching as he crawled around the ice helplessly awaiting a whistle that would allow him to go for repairs.

If you have never experienced having to play on one skate blade, it is tougher than you may think.  Just look at the first couple of seconds, when Kronwall attempts to get to his feet and push himself towards the bench.  Such efforts obviously failed, but when it was finally over, the Wings did go from being two men down (if you include Niklas), to playing even-strength as the Sharks took a penalty of their own.

And with a little bit of assistance, Kronwall would eventually make it off the ice between whistles.

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