Raptors Show Fans Appreciation With Vanilla Ice Halftime Show

vanilla iceI guess nothing says “We appreciate you” quite like a Vanilla Ice halftime show.  At least that had to be the train of thought behind the Raptors organization’s decision to wheel out the popular early 90s white rapper during last night’s game at the Air Canada Center.

Yes, that was their gift to the fans during “Fan Appreciation Night,” and so as if the prospects of a guaranteed victory against the hapless Nets was not enough for those in attendance, they were taken for a ride in the Raptors time machine, back to a time when listening to “Ice Ice Baby” was cool.

Fortunately, it was not only the Raports organization who were showing their appreciation, as Raptors fans were equally generous in their effort not to boo Vanilla Ice or heave their garbage in his direction.  I think most of us can name at least 10 American cities off the top of our heads where this surely would not have been the case.

So where would we rank Ice in halftime show history?  How about somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and the hard hitting Golden Gopher.

Here are some clips of the show.

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