UFC’s Joe Rogan Has A Creepy Locker Room Stalker (Video)

Joe Rogan Has A Creepy Locker Room StalkerWhen it comes to men and their sports, the playing field is not the only place where they are afforded the opportunity to display their manhood.  The same can be said about the locker room, where they often retreat to shower after working up a sweat.

So for those looking to catch of glimpse at some popular sports penis, the locker room may be the perfect place to do so.  Take this kid, for example, who seems to have an infatuation with Joe Rogan‘s penis.  Rogan may not be an athlete, but he does hang around the MMA scene enough to make people believe he is one.

Rogan and his gang decided to catch his stalker on tape, acting as if they were filming a behind the scenes look at his life, when all they really wanted to do was catch the little pervert in the act.

Judging by the look in the kids eyes, we can’t help but think that Joe Rogan may be packing himself a Greg Oden of his own between his legs.

Hat Tip Video – [MeLeeFightGear]

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