Here Is One Super Bowl Commercial You Wont Get To See

Here Is One Super Bowl Commercial You Wont Get To SeeWith the Super Bowl only a few days away, those not entirely interested in the game will likely be talking about the commercials slated to hit the air on Sunday, but what may be even more interesting are the advertisements that will not make it to your television screen thanks to CBS and their stringent censorship guidelines.

Among that list is this rather hilarious Bud Light commercial.

Some may consider it to be less sexually suggestive that the Shake Weight commercial, but that hasn’t stopped the decision-makers at CBS from banning their notion of a clothing drive which may have gone too far.

Although many of the actors appear to be naked, their private parts are covered up with black bars, leaving more to the imagination than some of Reebok’s recent commercials, but in the post-Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction era, don’t expect any network to take a chance and walk the line of indecency during the Super Bowl.

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