The Stat Line of the Night – 2/4/10 – LaMarcus Aldridge

lamarcus aldridgeTotal Pro Sports- Back in 2006, the Blazers selected Tyrus Thomas with the 4th pick. Apparently the Bulls liked LSU’s Tyrus Thomas more than Aldridge, so they picked Aldridge for the Blazers and traded him for Thomas and Viktor Khryapa. Major fail for the Bulls. Thomas has shown moments of greatness at times, but Aldridge is the one closest to making the All-Star team. Last night he showed why.

Aldridge and the Blazers hosted the Spurs in Portland, a battle of 2 Western Conference playoff teams. Aldridge led all players in points and rebounds, and the Blazers burned up an 8-point 3rd quarter deficit to win the game 96-93.

Aldridge had it working and hit on 12-22 from the field, totaling 28 points. He also pulled down 13 rebounds. Leading all players in boards is impressive when you’re up against Tim Duncan. The smooth passing big man also added 3 assists.

Right now the Blazers are holding down the 7th seed in the West, but they will likely get higher toward the end of the season. Aldridge is a big reason why and he has The Stat Line of the Night.

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