In Case You Missed It, Here’s A Look At The 2010 Puppy Bowl

The 2010 Puppy BowlFor those unaware, here is an interesting tidbit of information regarding yesterday in the world of sports; the Super Bowl was not the only bowl on television, thanks to the Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet.

So if a battle between two of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation was not enough to keep you interested, perhaps some ferocious canines battling it to the death on the gridiron was.  And for the honorary opening coin toss, Michael Vick!

Okay, so maybe these puppies were not exactly ferocious, and perhaps Michael Vick was not in attendance for the coin toss, but how can you not enjoy watching these cuddly little creatures gallopping aroung, wagging their tails and licking each other.  The Puppy Bowl had is all; hamsters in a blimp, bunny cheerleaders, and even a kitten half-time show.

So if you missed it (and I sure hope you did), here is a look at some of the highlights.

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