Marisa Miller Can’t Get Enough Of Matthew Stafford’s Hair

Marisa Miller Can't Get Enough Of Matthew Stafford's HairMarisa Miller‘s love for professional athletes is no secret, and neither is her love for the hair of Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The two were in Miami this weekend for the Super Bowl, and that was when Matt’s head became the focus of Marisa’s attention.  It was a scene that would make just about any man jelous; having the incredibly hot Marisa Miller stroke her hands through your hair repeatedly as she brushes up against your arms and caresses your shoulders.

So what are we to take from all of this?  I mean, Matthew Stafford is clearly not a looker, but he does have a rather remarkable ability to pick up hot chicks that may otherwise be way out of his league.  I guess it is safe to say that Axe really does work well.

Hat Tip Video – [Guyism]

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