Devils’ Salmela Taken Off on Stretcher After Controversial Hit

Salmela Taken Off on Stretcher After Controversial HitWho is it in the Flyers system that teaches their players it’s okay to be absolute goons?  Maybe it’s just a feeling on my end, and should not be a concern at all, but I feel like the Flyers are in the news more than any other team due to their players skating with a little extra (vicious) intent.

Take this hit for example from the Flyers’ Jeff Carter. As Devils’ newly acquired forward, Anssi Salmela, just completes a shot on goal (and a goal, no less), he gets drilled in the head by an oncoming Flyers skater.  The puck is already off of Salmela’s stick and Carter puts his shoulder down into Salmela’s head/neck region, dropping Salmela into the ice, face first.

Salmela broke his jaw and lost some teeth, but otherwise should be okay.  He needed a stretcher to be taken off the ice, though.

The more I look at  the play, the more I guess Carter wasn’t heading toward Salmela at full speed with any added intent, and I know it’s awfully hard to avoid a player on a dime when you’re skating toward him for what will  eventually be a clean hit.  No penalty was called on the play, but I’m sure many people will have a good, hearty debate about this and whether or not Campbell should see a fine, or suspension.

When we’ve seen a  flurry of dirty hits over the past couple months in hockey, seeing a guy go off on a stretcher as a result of a controversial hit is always going to strike a chord with some people.

Hat Tip Video – [PuckDaddy]

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