Next Time Remember to let Go – Hammer Toss Fail (Video)

Next Time Remember to let Go - Hammer Toss FailI didn’t know hammer throwing was still a sport, but apparently it takes place during the summer Olympics.  Unfortunately, for the sport, it probably receives pretty low ratings.   Maybe it’s just me, but watching steroidal men throw a weight attached to a wire as far as they can doesn’t really get me pumped up.

Unless something like this were promised to happen more often than not (assuming they wouldn’t get hurt, too).

This guy is trying to put all his spin, and might, into heaving his hammer as far as he can, but he loses his balance and the force of the 16-pound hammer knocks him right off his feet.  He falls hard, but luckily his shoulder prevents his face/head from smashing straight into the ground.  His injuries are unknown.

I cringed the first time I watched this, and had to take a deep breath before giving it a second look.   Upon second glance, my shoulder popped right out of its socket and I refuse to watch it a third time.   There is also a nice little life lesson in this:  I think I’ll stick to measuring my hammer as opposed to trying to throw a hammer as far as I can.  Thanks.

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