Swedish Hockey Player Leaves Skate Guards On During Game

Swedish Hockey Player Leaves Skate Guards On During GameThis is the sports equivalent of the photographer that leaves the cover on the lens of the camera. Swedish hockey player Kim Karlsson of Almtuna (Mmmm…Alm-Tunas) hits the ice for a new shift, but misses on one little detail. He inexplicably forgets to remove the blade guards from his skates. Someone maybe party a bit too hard the night before?

Karlsson has to crawl back to the bench like a chick who has just fallen off a treadmill. The players on the bench and the announcers laugh so hard they nearly pee themselves like a tennis ballboy. We don’t speak Swedish, but they call by the announcers is no less funny.

But the best thing about the whole brain fart? Everybody got a good laugh out of it, no one was hurt and Almtuna still won the game by a score of 2-1. If I’m Karlsson, I might want do to a cup check before each game.

Hat Tip Video – [DeuceOfDavenport]

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