Answer, Coach K….What Is Jackass? (Video)

What Is JackassJeopardy seems like a platform for smart people all over America to show off their intelligence in front of a national audience, but every now and then it also provides sports fans with some unintentional humor.  Last night Alex Trebek and company were at it once again.

With University week well under way, you could just smell the hatred towards Duke University and Mike Krzyzewski.  And so when the question, “Coach K knows all about this 2005 Johnny Knoxville film based on a TV series” came up, the logical answer appeared to be “What is Jackass?”

Sorry Ashley from Dartmouth.  The correct answer is “The DUKES of Hazard.”

I can’t help but think that Alex and the people of Jeopardy were looking for someone to blurt out “Jackass.”  Otherwise couldn’t they have used Jessica Simpson rather than Johnny Knoxville?  North Carolina Tar Heel fans everywhere are sure glad they didn’t.

Hat Tip – [The Dagger]

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